Thursday, October 9, 2008

Collared her

So, yesterday morning we had a long talk about whether or not we were ready to take our relationship to the next level. No...not marriage, though we did skirt that issue once or twice. We talked about whether or not she could handle being my "slave" (neither of us really likes the terms Master and slave). Her argument at first was that we need to be married before she could give all of herself to me and become my slave. I thought (and still do) that she was born for this. She's really a natural, as long as she is in an environment that will help her grow and thrive. Anyway, after discussing it for about an hour or so, she told me that when I thought we were ready, I should take her as my slave. She said she could do it now without being married first. 

Now, immediately I was excited. I knew we were ready for that commitment to each other. I just wanted her to say it to me first. I wanted her to admit it to herself. We went to breakfast and had a nice meal and a great conversation. After, we went to the office, and I told her to get a length of the thin rope we have here, and tie it around her waist with a loop on each end. I sent her downstairs with the instructions to wait for me while I went to the bathroom. When she left, I grabbed a miniature, heart-shaped padlock and followed her downstairs. When we met in our special place downstairs, I was excited, but I figured she knew what was going on. We kissed for a little while, which is always amazing. Then, I pulled my shorts down and she knew just what I wanted. She knelt at my feet and put my cock in her mouth. I love watching her suck on my dick because it fills her mouth all the way and sometimes she gags on it. Her eyes get all watery, but behind the tears is a sexy, "I want to fuck your brains out" look.  I also think that her kneeling at my feet with my cock in her mouth is an amazingly submissive position, especially when I grab her hair and force her head further down on my cock. I can't wait for the day when it slips down her throat. I know she thinks about it, and I love that she wants to buy a dildo when we get home so she can practice. It's that dedication to pleasing me that makes me know she's ready. 

When she's gotten my dick wet a little, I start to get the urge to eat her pussy a little. So, I pulled her up, cleared off the table, and had her pull her shorts down. I sat her on the edge of the table and put my mouth on her pretty pussy. It always tastes so good, even when she claims she's "unclean." She really does have a beautiful pussy. Some women are cursed with big "meat curtains" or other unsightly growths down there. Hers however, is perfect, especially when she's just shaven it. I flicked her clit around a little, and tried to finger her asshole a little. Her shorts got in the way, so I settled for touching her pussy lips. This whole time my cock was swollen to the point where it felt like it was going to burst. I was so hot thinking of what was coming next. I couldn't wait, so I pulled her off the table.

"Turn around and close your eyes," I said. She complied, and I started kissing her neck and touching her perfectly tight stomach. 

"Give me your string," I said. She complied again. She was so horny. She kept rubbing her ass on my throbbing cock, as though she couldn't wait for me to stuff her pussy with it. That would have to wait. I had more important things on my mind. 

As I fumbled to get the lock and key out of their plastic bag, I caught her with her eyes open. 

"I thought I said keep your eyes closed?" I challenged. She stuttered her way through an apology, and I considered not giving her what we both wanted and deserved. It took me only a second to decide to continue with my plans. I wanted this to be a special day. It was a special day. 

Finally, I got the padlock out, and I wrapped the string around her waist. I pulled the loops together, and put the tiny key into the lock and turned. It sprung open, defying its apparent old age, ready to be used again. I placed the two loops into the lock, and snapped it shut. The faint 'click' of the locking mechanism signified something more than most people would ever understand. She was now mine. She was no longer my girlfriend, or my companion, or my lover. I own her now. I am responsible for her safety, her well-being, and her future. I am not just an absentee land-lord, collecting the rent and never making the much-needed improvements around the house. I am there for her 24/7, as is she for me. There's no way to describe what it feels like to own someone else...not in the traditional definition of a slave...but in a way that you own not just the body, but the mind, heart, and soul as well. She belongs to me because she wants to. 

When I was done securing her temporary collar, I whispered in her ear, "This will serve as your collar until we get back." When she finally knew for sure what was happening, she exploded with a passionate, sensual kiss that had an indescribable fire behind it. It was clear that she was both happy and excited with my decision to collar her. 

She was also obviously turned on quite a bit. I decided to seal my conquest with a good forceful fuck. I bent her over, grabbed her by the hair and shoved my cock in her pussy. It was already dripping wet. She's so tight, but it didn't matter. While it felt good, I was determined not to cum until she had cum at least once. I started fucking her doggy style, using her hair to pull her body into my thrusts. I know she likes it fast, so I sped up, and told her I wanted her to cum. She came all over my dick shortly thereafter. It always feels so good when she cums, because she is already ridiculously tight. It only gets tighter when she cums, and it's so hard not to explode inside her. I held on, and decided I wanted her to cum again before I finished. We kept fucking, and she looked over her shoulder at me with this sexy look she gets. You can just see the ecstasy in her eyes. She looks almost drugged. She finally came again, so I started to slow down. I love fucking her nice and slow. I pulled all the way out and slowly slid my cock back inside her soaking wet, throbbing pussy. After a few strokes like that, I was ready to cum, and I told her so. I continued at that nice, slow pace until I was ready to explode in her pussy. It felt so good to cum inside her; it always does. She's so tight that any movement on my sensitive head feels amazing. I could feel the cum dripping out and falling to the floor; it wasn't the first time we left our signature on the carpet after we fucked in that room, and it won't be the last. I pulled back a little, and my dick popped free. Since she's such a considerate little slut, she knelt down and cleaned me off with her mouth. It felt so good to have her slowly wash my cock with her mouth. I was already very sensitive, and her mouth only makes it better. I wished I had more cum to deposit in her mouth. 

We cleaned up, and she rubbed my back for a little. She's such a good girl. I love her so much. I think this is going to turn out very well. :).

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Slut said...


I love you. You make me ridiculously happy. I will do my best to please you, and to make this work between us. I can't stand the thought of ever letting you down.

Al-badaiya Jadeed, ya habibi