Saturday, October 9, 2010

It begins.

So, after a few weeks of B not being able to make up her mind about whom she wanted to be with, I finally just gave up. I said "fuck it" and told her I was making up her mind for her. After a few hours, she realized what had happened and what she had lost. She begged me to take her back, and we deleted her "crush" from our vocabulary. Since then, she has been much more attentive and far more maleable.

For the past few weeks, she has been complaining about having to be independent. You see, B hates having to be responsible for things like paying bills or making major decisions. It stresses her out, and she gets anxiety attacks. Her mom, however, has always told her not to rely on a man and to be more independent. She has never married and has always had to be independent, and she's trying to force her beliefs on her daughter. As we talked, I slowly eased her into the idea of being submissive. She was a lot more receptive than I originally thought. She loved the idea of giving me all her money and letting me pay all her bills. She also likes the idea of asking permission to do things and go places.

So, at this point she's a beginner, and I'm going to introduce her to FetLife tomorrow so she can start to explore her kinks and find out where she belongs in the community. I can't wait to help introduce her to the lifestyle and see how far I can get her to go. :)