Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3rd person

I have been reading forums and articles and blogs by slaves and submissives for about 8 months. One thing that I've found is completely unique to D/s and M/s relationships is that some submissives/slaves talk in the third person. The first time I read this, I was in shock. "Seriously? Why? How retarded is that?" Those were just a few select thoughts from my initial reaction. It made those women seem like the dreaded "D" word (doormat) that seems to get thrown at any slave that devotes themselves entirely to their Master.  It seems like a very submissive act, which turns me on immensely, but it just never quite appealed to me for some reason.

When kitten and I first discussed this topic, I laughed at it and told her that I couldn't see myself wanting her to do it. She of course was great and said she would do it if it pleased her Sahib. I had no doubt she would do it for me if I asked, but I thought it was ridiculous. Reading other people doing it, I saw them using words like "this one" and "property" and "slave" or something similarly generic to refer to themselves in the third person. These names contribute to the doormat feeling because it basically strips the slave of her identity. She is just a nameless being built to serve her Master. That's a real doormat to me, not the slaves that devote themselves completely. Anyway, I had kitten write a blog entry in the third person, to see what I thought about it...and I am hooked. It is very submissive, but she still retains her identity since she still has a name. She is kitten, not "this one" or "property" or just "slave." This tiny factor makes all the difference to me. It turns it from sounding like a mindless robot to a sexy little slave who knows her place and wants to serve her Master, but still maintains her cute, adorable, sometimes feisty personality. She has been told to use it in conversation now, not just her blog, until I tell her she can speak in the 1st person again. I know she'll do it, but I'm not sure whether or not she completely hates it and is just doing it to please me, or if she kinda likes it a little, or what. We'll see. :)

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