Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two More Days

My kitten and I will finally be reunited in two days or so. I know she is excited, and I sure as hell am. We have been separated for far too long, even though lately we have had some decent time online to talk via yahoo im. I feel bad when we talk because while she is dealing with fun stuff like morning sickness and cramps and cravings for nasty foods, I am here relaxing all day. Granted, I have plenty of things I am trying to take care of in preparation for our return, but that's my job as kitten's Owner. kitten is trying to deal with her job as my slave AND providing a nice warm cocoon for my baby to grow. Granted, an argument could be made that, as my slave, bearing my child is inherent in her job if I want her to perform that service for me; however, I recognize it is an extremely difficult task. 

I have given kitten an additional task lately - she must flirt with any male that initiates conversation with her. I have many reasons for giving her this task, and some I don't want to list here, but a big one is that it gets me off knowing that these guys are going to think they have a chance with my kitten. They will talk for awhile, get teased into thinking they're getting some, and then go home and fantasize about fucking her. My kitten is very beautiful, and it's very exhilarating knowing that so many other men want her, and she's not my girlfriend...not my "friend with benefits"...but my slave...my property. kitten doesn't like these terms very much, but whether I say kitten or slave or property, it all means the same thing - she is mine. 

kitten has done a very good job in accepting her role as my slave since I last wrote. Previously, I wrote about her struggles with giving up her identity as "K", the woman who felt like she needed to be empowered and strong, and accepting her role as my kitten. she had some issues for a few days or so, but since then, she has transitioned quite smoothly. I'm actually very proud of her. 

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kitten said...

What a nice surprise Sahibi...
thank you for this little gift. I love seeing what you write. Always yours, kitten