Monday, December 8, 2008

Back From Hiatus...We're Pregnant

kitten is pregnant. That's probably our biggest development since I took my break from writing. she should be about 8 weeks right now, but we're not exactly sure when she conceived. Unfortunately, she can't get seen by a doctor right now, because it would raise too many red flags. People would connect the dots and fingers would get pointed...mostly at me. Fortunately, we are done with work and on our way home. kitten has no real strenuous activity other than working out once a day. she's going to JAG (Army lawyers) tomorrow actually to see how far the Army can pry into her business to figure out the identity of the father. If they can't dig into it, that's great news for us. she can get seen by Army doctors as soon as we get home. If they can dig into it, that sucks hair goat balls. That makes things 1000 times more difficult, but we'll manage. 

she is being a typical girl about it all and getting more and more excited by the minute. she often floods me with "what if" questions (which I hate) and speculations on what sex the baby will be (male) or how much hair it will have on its head when it comes out of the womb (full head). Apparently, if you have cravings for sour cream when you're pregnant, it means you're having a boy. Where people get this stuff is beyond me. I'm all for knowing the sex of the baby, but I'm sure medical science has come far enough along to make the sour cream gender test all but obsolete. When the time is right, we will find out the sex, so we can pick out a name and start getting appropriate clothes, toys, etc. 

When she first told me she was pregnant, I was not convinced she would stay that way. kitten had some damage to her fallopian tubes, and she was told by doctors she may need surgery in order to conceive. I did not want to get attached at first, because she is a prime candidate for a miscarriage; however, the idea of having a baby with kitten is growing on me. First of all, knowing she is carrying my baby is extremely hot and turns me on to no end. I can't wait to fuck my pregnant kitten. Also, knowing that she was not supposed to be able to conceive and she was on birth control when she got pregnant is an extreme ego boost to me. A little secret about me: I have larger than average testicles. I didn't believe the first few girls that told me, but I believe it now :). 

Since I have about 7 more months to talk about the pregnancy, I'll end this post here.

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